Monday, April 13, 2009

A Picture of Pirates

Hopefully, the end of pirates is near.

I read an interesting article in the Houston Chronicle today following the series of Somalian pirate crises. Three pirates were holding American merchant Capt. Richard Phillips hostage in a life boat. Can you picture a small lifeboat up against a U.S. Navy Destroyer?

Highly trained Navy SEALs had received orders from President Obama to rescue Phillips, and succeeded against great odds. Amazingly, their shots were accurate.

The article “3 Shots to Kill 3 Teen Pirates” tells the story in vivid dramatic detail. Woodward uses exquisite word choice and descriptive detail to depict the rocky waters and the building tension between the Navy SEALs and the pirates.

After artful tension and nerve-wracking action, Woodward concludes the story with a sweet Easter snippet from Phillips’ home.

Make sure to read the comments. Bryansax insightfully commented on the differences between President Obama and President Bush’s presidencies specifically in regards to the pirate situation. He also ended on a positive note of “Mission Accomplished.”

The article can be found at here:

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